It's a Seussapalooza!

Theodor Seuss Geisel, Dr. Seuss, born March 2, 1904, wrote with the hand of a child whisperer. This week, in celebration of his birthday, we orchestrated a Seussapalozza (We think he would have liked the title.)

We strive for parent involvement in our center so dressing up was a must. We had some awesome costumes! Again, Dr. Seuss would have been proud.

The goldfish in a bowl was a hit!

We set up a carnival atmosphere filled with Seuss themed activities. And since every goldfish needs a pond, we threw together a fishing hole. The poles were made from wooden dowels and magnets, then we added metal paper clips to the fish. We used our ball pit for the pond covered with tissue paper as the water.

Their faces lit up every time they caught a fish! They went back again and again.

You can't have a Seussapalooza without Pin the Hat on the Cat! Our staff drew and painted the game signs and did a great job capturing the essence of Dr. Seuss. The hats were bulletin board cutouts that worked well with little hands. The toddlers tried to get near his head and the older children used the traditional blindfold. We had lots of laughs with this one.

Don't drop the Truffula seed as you race to the finish! We used ping pong balls as "seeds" placed on top of flowers as the children challenged one another in a relay. Our Truffula trees were made from painted concrete forms and streamer with poms stuffed inside. We ran out of solid tissue paper and ended up with rainbow flavored truffulas.

The Balancing Act Cat in the Hat style was loads of fun. We used a few balance beams and supplied various items for the children to choose from to balance on their head as they walked the beam. There were dishes, pots, balls, and a few other items pulled from the classrooms.

Oh, The Places You'll Go when you go in a hula hoop. We all had to show off our hula skills!

We had a little extra fun with the stand in Thing One and Two photo prop. It was a simple project using a three fold foam board and acrylics.We then cut out the holes for their faces. Look at those little Things smile!

A carnival is no carnival without the Fish Bowl Toss. Let's just say we found ping pong balls for days.

One of our talented parents made our 3D Hopscotch on Pop sign. Children (and adults) love to hop and they especially loved to Hopscotch on Pop!

Ring the Gack! We used glow in the dark necklaces as the rings because they were light weight enough to not damage the foam core antlers. (Really, it was because it's still winter and there were no pool rings to be found so we improvised!)

A party just isn't a party without a photo booth! We already had the Seussville tree and just added some bulletin board ornaments to decorate it. We added a tablecloth for the background and some props. We made some great memories!

The first annual Seussapalooza was an amazing fun filled day. We cannot wait to see it unfold next year!

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