Looking for a quality 

summer program for 

your child?

 Bellaire Creative Christian 

Academy introduces Camp 

Creativity, an exciting and fun 

filled ten week camp which includes 

not only off site field trips weekly, 

but creative and exploratory 

activities on site daily!
Our summer camp curriculum 

teaches STEAM subjects 

(science, technology, 

engineering, arts and mathematics) 

through fun and exciting 

experiences for your child each 


Registration for currently enrolled 

families begins April 15th, 2017. 

Open enrollment will begin April 22nd. 

Space is limited to 20 participants per

group only so Pre- Registration

is recommended.

What will we be doing at Camp Creativity?

View our camp units below.

In Animal Planet, your child will explore the creatures in the wild.  We will get creative with animal themed activities and crafts, books, and games . We will then venture out into the world on various field trips to explore our great Animal Planet.





Let's get Under the Big Top and discover what goes on at the Circus. Your child will learn how trapeze artists swing through the air, how tightrope walkers balance, how jugglers can keep so many objects in the air and more. Then we will explore some of the star animals at the Louisville Zoo.

Under the Big Top

Under the Big Top

Let's dig into archaeology and explore fossils, rocks and minerals. An epic explorer will combine technology , math and science to engineer dinosaur bones into its original form.  We will create our own fossils from different medians, explore rocks and caves, and end our unit with gem mining.



Epic Explorers

In We Rock, we set the stage for your child to have the opportunity to sing, play instruments and investigate various types of music, including  rock, classical, pop and more. We will design our own instruments from household supplies and explore music before digital technology.  

We Rock

We Rock

Our world is enriched with interesting cultures, landscapes, and ways of life. In Passport Around the World, your child will take an imaginary trip around the world by exploring different customs, food, languages and more. 

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Passport Around the World

Passport Around the World

Smores, smores, smores! During this camping themed week, we explore rivers, lakes, nature and wildlife.  We will bring the outdoors into the classroom with tents and sleeping bags, and then we will take the classroom to the great outdoors through hiking and nature reserves.

The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors

Paint. Draw. Create. We will explore the gift of creativity through different elements and medians including clay, paint, charcoal, and watercolor. This will be a team building week as we collaborate together to create masterpieces.

Paint. Draw. Create.

Paint. Draw. Create.

Are you crazy about Science? In Mad Scientists, we will conduct experiments, explore with magnets, create safe and interesting chemical reactions, and discover why science is magical. We will then put our new knowledge to the test as we venture off to the KY Children's Science Museum of Louisville.

Mad Scientists

Mad Scientists

Whether your child is a natural actor, script writer, costume designer, or behind the scenes, your child will play a vital role in Hollywood. Learn the technology behind filming and editing movies, collaborate together to write a script, and wait for the applause at curtain call.



Bees, beetles, and ants oh my! In Buggin' Out your child will explore insects in nature, while stimulating thinking ability, developing communication skills, and promoting positive social interactions. Pull out your magnifying glass and let's explore!

Buggin' Out

Buggin' Out

Weekly Field Trips Include:

Sky Zone
Collins Bowling
KY Children's Science Museum-Louisville

The Orchard

The Arboretum

Salato Wildlife

The Explorium

Various Parks

KY Children's Garden

Fayette Mall Movies Weekly

Raven Run


Louisville Zoo

And More...

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