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Luck of the


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Week of 3/13/17

Rainbow Collaborative Art

Materials: Popsicle sticks, green paint, black and yellow construction paper, glue

Crepe Paper Pot of Gold

No Mess Rainbow Art for Toddlers

In ziplock, dab rainbow colors spread apart on paper and let your toddler create!

Materials: Fruit Loops, Shamrock with name, string

Children can cut out their shamrock depending on age group and lace fruit loops on to string as well as shamrock.

Materials: Green ribbons tied together, plastic container with slits

Shamrock Balance Beam

Materials: Laminated large shamrocks

Place shamrocks on floor and have children "balance" as they walk across. Adjust difficulty and spacing per age group.

Materials: Pipe cleaners in rainbow colors, corresponding beads, foam core

Set pipe cleaners in foam prepping for a rainbow. Child laces beads on the bends pipe cleaners over to create rainbows!

Rainbow Twirler

Materials: Rainbow colored paints, paper plates, scissors, Pot cutout


Food dye, baking soda, vinegar, clear shallow cups

Start with a few drops of food coloring in clear plastic cups. Cover with baking soda. Allow children to add vinegar to watch the rainbow erupt.

If I Found a Pot of Gold Craft

Materials: Rainbow colored construction paper cut into strips, Cloud cutout with directive question

Do as a small group of 2-3 children during open centers. Older children will write their answers and younger children can be guided. 

Roll a Leprechaun- Elementary Group

Materials: Dice, Markers, Leprechaun outline

Materials: Gold coins with letters, Hunt and Find sheet with corresponding letters, Shamrock hat for fun

Children match the coins to the appropriate letter.

Materials: Numbered shamrocks, green pom poms

To be done during learning centers as a group of 3-4

Materials:Dry Pasta, Food coloring

Use this in your sensory centers. Encourage the children to sort the colors by providing coordinating colored cups or containers. Focus on colors and sorting.

Our Lucky Charm Footprint craft

Footprint art with non toxic paint. Title it with "Our Lucky Charm."

Materials- Bin with water, small pots, pennies and/or gold coins, legos, various supplies.

Have children predict when and what will make the pot sink. Does it sink or float?

Materials: Large marshmallows, green paint

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Videos & Music

Leprechaun, Leprechaun, Where's Your Shamrock (Game)

Fingerplays and Songs: I'm a Little Leprechaun/Shamrock

A Fine St. Patrick's Day by Susan Wojciechowski

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