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The Sower and the Seed

Week of 3/6/2017

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Baby Cadet

Climb the Tree

Materials-Green streamer or paper taped to floor in shape of tree, Apples (real or laminated)

Children walk the line pretending to climb the tree without touching the apples.

I'm A Little Seed

Poem and Gross Motor Activity

Letter Matching Flower Pot Board

Materials: Foam Board, Pot cutouts, Flower Cutouts, Upper and Lowercase respectively, Velcro Dots, Laminated

Younger Classes will Match Uppercase Letters

Older Classes will Match Lowercase with Upper Case

Seed Mosaic

Materials: Various beans and seeds

Provide children with a photo of a flower. Allow them to create their own version using seeds and beans. Younger classes can begin with a drawn flower and the children can "outline".


Tweezers, Small planting pots, Various seeds or laminated photos, Ice cube tray or sorting container

Have the children sort based on like materials, colors, or shapes

Materials: Laminated sheet of various sized circles, Food coloring, eye droppers

Child counts how many drops it takes to fill each circle. Focus on math, color, and shape.

Do as a small group of 2-3 children during open centers

The Tiny Seed Flower Using Potato

Materials: Potato cut in half, Orange paint, Green Construction Paper

To be done during learning centers as a group of 3-4

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Videos & Music

The Giving Tree- Idea Web PreK and Elementary Writing

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