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Spring Fling

Academy Curriculum

Week of 3/20/17

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Collaborate Art Bunting

Children each paint on their own triangle (shape focus) to create a bunting.

I Want to be a Butterfly

Materials: Large cloth canvas with the outline of a butterfly. Children can paint with acrylic or outline with natural elements and take turns being the butterfly!

Materials: Flowers in vase set up to invite the children to paint them. Paint, brushes and art paper.

Paint with Feathers

Materials: Feathers, Bird cutout, Paint

Materials: Water container, Lily petals, tongs or tweezers

Flower Pot from Hand and Fingers

Play Dough Provocation with Loose Parts

Materials: Play Dough, Colored stars and popsicles sticks, google eyes. beads, feathers etc.

Supply realistic bird photos from the story "Feathers for Lunch" . Document with photos. 

Materials: Bubble wrap, yellow paint, black paint

Feather Sorting

Materials: Colored feathers and corresponding colored craft foam mats.

Be a Bee Hat

Materials: Yellow and black construction paper, yellow poms large, black pipe cleaner

Spell Your Name with Pipecleaners

Pollenate with Dice Math Game


Dice, Yellow Pom poms as pollen, flower cut out

In a small group of three to four, give each child several "pollen". Each child takes turn rolling the dice and "pollenating" the flower until all children are out of pollen. 

Play Dough Counting Flower Petals

Provide pipe cleaners or sticks and rocks to add to the creativity. Ask the children to create a flower and then count how many flower petals they chose. Older groups can further it by creating that number form the dough.

Materials- Shaving Cream, eye droppers, food dye, glass container

Combine fine motor and science! Ask the children to predict what will happen.

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Can you make it rain?

Real Life Bird Photos

Real Life Flowers and Nature Photos

"Can you thread the beads onto the Feather?" Provocation

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Videos, Books & Music

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