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Weather Investigators

Academy Curriculum

Week of 4/03/17

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Weather Yoga Poses

Materials: Craft foam

Materials: White paint, Blue Paper

Materials: Straws, Thinned paint

Rain Sensory Activity

Cut holes in plastic cups and add to water table. Have the children pretend it is raining from the cups.

Materials: Cotton Balls, Glue, Blue Crepe Paper

Materials: Acrylic mirrors, Paint brushes and sponges, Dishwashing soap, Blue Food Coloring

Practice Writing with"Rain" and Large Rocks

Materials: Large Rock, Paint brush, Water

Materials: 1:8 Vegetable oil, Flour, Oil based food dye optional

Materials: Thick popsicle sticks, Clear Straw, Red Pipe Cleaner

Rainbows from Q-Tips

Materials: Qtips, Tape, Paint

Wind Sock Project

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When I Looked Up In The Sky Writing

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Videos, Books & Music

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