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The Nest

Academy Curriculum

Week of 3/27/17

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Footprint Robin

Materials: Non toxic paint, feathers to glue as wings

Materials: Paper plates, Brown Paint, Seed, Twigs, Collected Nature Items, Raffia or moss

Feather Writing in Bird Seed

The picture is shown with sand, but we will be using small bird seed as our median for writing practice.

Materials: Wreaths, twine, raffia, faux eggs, bird figurines, moss

Lay all materials out . Provide photos of nests and let them create!

Feather Beading Provocation

Provide long stemmed feathers and beads. Set up as picture with a written provocation to bead.

Materials: Clothes Pins, Numbered Bird Cutouts

Materials: Shredded paper or similar median, cutup pipecleaners as "worms", large tweezers or chopsticks for older groups, bird decorated cup to "feed"

Paint with Feathers

Materials: Feathers, Bird cutout, Paint

Materials: Bird Seed, Measuring Cups, Large containers, Funnels

Materials: Toilet paper rolls, peanut butter, bird seed, pipe cleaners

Play Dough Provocation with Loose Parts

Materials: Play Dough, Colored stars and popsicles sticks, google eyes. beads, feathers etc.

Supply realistic bird photos from the story "Feathers for Lunch" . Document with photos. 

Egg Scoop for Babies and Toddlers

Materials: Ice cream scoopers or similar, Plastic eggs, Containers

Feather Sorting

Materials: Colored feathers and corresponding colored craft foam mats.

Materials: "Nests", Faux eggs, Numbers 1-5 or 5-10 to depending on age of child

Materials: Play Dough, Nature Elements, Bird Seed, Feathers, Googly Eyes, Etc

Materials: Brown lunch bags and scissors. Add shredded paper and cut out eggs.

A Little Bird that Starts with an Arrow- Bird Drawing

Teacher Directed Bird Craft

Precut shapes, Make a sample, and let the children mimic as they choose

Popsicle Stick Bird House

Materials- Popsicle Sticks, Glue, Paint

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Bird Matching Photos

Real Life Bird Photos

Real Life Flowers and Nature Photos

Two Little Black Birds Sitting On a Hill

"Can you thread the beads onto the Feather?" Provocation

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Videos, Books & Music

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